27th ESV2023

Press registration

Journalists wishing to cover the 27th International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV2023) are asked to register beforehand; coverage will be allowed only upon agreeing with the following rules on coverage.

Registration is free for journalists. You may participate in the opening media tour on April 3 (Mon.), but please note that the participation may have to be restricted by security considerations.

Preliminary Review

Based on submitted documents, a review will be conducted to confirm journalism activities; results will be communicated at a later date. Please note that additional documents may be requested during the review process. The Secretariat will provide necessary information to pre-registered journalists.

Pre-registration Method

Please register via the following application screen. Please fill in required items and upload the documents for review. A confirmation e-mail will be sent automatically.

Documents for Review

During registration, please upload the following documents for review

If you have press credentials

  • Copy of press credentials (employee ID card)

If you do not have press credentials

  • Copies of three bylined articles (in case of print media) or
  • Copy of ID indicating professional membership

Review Results

The Secretariat will report review results to registered e-mail address in about 3 business days.

Pre-registration Deadline

The deadline for preliminary press registration is March 31 (Fri.), 2023. On-the-day registration will be available on April 3.

Outline of On-the-day Registration

On-site reception desk will be open on April 3 (Mon.), 2023 in the 1F foyer of PACIFICO Yokohama North. Please present your registration confirmation e-mail, press credentials, and business cards at the press registration desk. You will receive a press badge and an armband. In case of on-the-day registration without pre-registration, review will be conducted based on the same criteria as pre-registration. If you wish on-the-day application, please be sure to bring the documents for review as indicated above.

After Reporting

If you published an article in a newspaper, magazine, etc. after the end of the Conference, please send it to the Secretariat. If TV broadcast etc. is expected, please inform us about the schedule. Thank you for your cooperation!

Contact for Inquiries and Sending Media Publications

ESV 2023 Secretariat
c/o Convention Linkage, Inc.
2 Sanbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0075, Japan
E-mail: 27esv@c-linkage.co.jp
Tel: (03)3263-8695   Fax: (03)3263-8693

Press Registration